About us

UAB Vertimo namai has been providing translation-related services in the local and international markets since 2006. Our services have been certified to the European quality standards for translation services ISO 9001:2008/EN, 15038:2006 (2008-2015) – ISO 9001:2015/ISO, 17100:2015 (2015), which demonstrates our professional approach to the quality and management.

Our aim is to help you ensure that your communication is as easy as possible by providing high quality services. 

Our priorities are promptness, high quality services and trust.

The main principle of our work is “from – to”. 

We are very aware of how important time is when providing services, and so we offer a complete package of services. If you place an order with us for the translation of a website, you also receive the localisation service (adaptation of the text to the target audience); we edit and proofread text; we can also provide language consultations and offer other linguistic services. 

In terms of interpreting, not only do we offer highly qualified consecutive or simultaneous interpretation, but we can also take care of renting the necessary equipment as well as maintaining it during the event.

We serve a wide range of clients – from EU institutions (we have been providing services to them since 2010) and global companies to Lithuanian companies, state- and municipality-funded institutions and individuals. We have extensive expertise in translating technical, financial, pharmaceutical, legal and EU-related texts. We can also provide high quality translations in other areas, because we have a pool of professional translators who regularly do translations in the areas they have excellent knowledge of.

We respect all our clients, and so we are always ready to provide whatever high quality linguistic services they require.