Other services we provide


Conference equipment rental

Preconditions of professional interpretation are (a) good interpreter(s) and interpretation equipment adapted to a particular event.
We can offer the appropriate equipment for your event: interpretation booths, microphones, receivers, headphones, etc.
If the event is taking place in a more special environment, for instance, in a specific building or small premises, and there is no room for booths, or interpretation services are required outdoors where listeners may move away from the speaker and the interpreter, we can offer you the Tour Guide System. You will not only receive professional interpretation services, but will even be able to save, because you will not need to rent interpretation booths.

Language and culture etiquette consultations

Conducting business in large contemporary markets is a real challenge. You need to learn to adapt appropriately to the culture and traditions of different regions of the world as well as understand various languages, etiquette and norms of behaviour. Communication using an appropriate tone of voice and the necessary style as well as knowledge of rules of politeness may guarantee the success of your company.
We offer a wide range of language and culture etiquette consultation services. Such services are excellently suited for international companies and corporations, companies which are looking to expand their operation abroad as well as companies employing staff from different cultures who speak various languages.


If you have video or audio recordings which you want to have decoded and transcribed from various languages, our highly qualified specialists can help you.