Our constant ambition is to provide only quality services and offer the best linguistic solutions. To that end, we have developed and installed a comprehensive quality control system which guarantees high quality services as determined by the professionalism of our staff – translators, interpreters, editors, quality controllers and administrators.

Quality management system 

To ensure that our ambition does not remain just empty words, as of 2008 we have implemented the European quality standards for translation services ISO 9001:2008/2015 (Quality management standard) and EN 15038:2006/ISO 17100:2015 (Translation services standard). These are the only standards for translation services recognised in the European Union; the validity of the certificates is extended following periodic reviews.


The implemented standard obligates us to observe it, and our work is continuously monitored by auditors – to see whether it complies with the requirements of the standard. The main obligations are to ensure the high quality of translation services provided, accuracy of the translated text and the professionalism of our translators and editors.

Our team includes qualified professional translators and interpreters who have graduated from studies of philology and translation and specialise in translating texts in a certain field. This means we can offer translations of texts of the most diverse areas and specialisations and find appropriate linguistic solutions. 

As provided for in the requirements of the standard, we observe the globally recognised principle for the selection of a translator: a translator translates into his/her mother tongue, preferably – he/she also lives in the environment where that language is used. 

Continuous improvement 

We continuously seek ways to improve our work, therefore, we carefully review project implementation statistics and client feedback. In order to correct inconsistencies and implement improvements in a successful and timely manner, we apply time-tested correction and prevention procedures. We do not just stand still, we continuously invest our time and funds into the improvement of the services provided; our translators work with modern translation software (SDL Trados, Wordfast, Déjà Vu, Transit, Across, etc.). 

Administration programme 

While accepting and fulfilling orders, distributing and coordinating workflows, we use the order administration programme which has been specially adapted for our operation. 

While implementing these measures UAB Vertimo Namai follows its main policy principle of working without errors. For that purpose, we have invested in quality control in a timely and appropriate manner.