Translation services


From half-page translations to large international projects – we can do all this, because we have the expertise, ability and all the necessary means.
A good translation does not just mean translating every word, it means a contemporary translation in maximum conformity with the original text comprising multiple steps of the process.

Document translation

Translating documents is the core of our business. We will give your translation the same meticulous attention regardless of whether it is large document or just one page, because this is the only way our team works. We provide translation services for all kinds of documents (including EU directives, technical, legal, medical, economic, financial, etc.) into more than 50 languages.
Many of you know how important translations are in the area of business.

Translations can help you occupy a larger share of the global market as well as strengthen your business relations and expand your business into new territories. To ensure that a translation reflects the subtleties of real life, professional translators cooperate closely with native-speaker editors. Irrespective of whether you are taking your first steps into a foreign market or have ongoing with foreign partners, it is crucial not to translate a text word-for-word, but to explore local business practices and understand specific cultural features. This is why we also offer text localisation services: we adapt a translated text to the target audience.

Website translation

Once you create a clear and understandable website in several languages, you become a serious global player.
If you work internationally and wish to increase your sales in other language markets, the translation of your website is one of the principal means that will help you reach potential customers and ensure that your message passes across multilingual borders.
We will translate your website into your chosen language in an accurate and quality manner. Our specialists have extensive knowledge and understanding of cultural and legal differences, and will therefore spare no effort to ensure that your website is adapted to a particular country and conform to its cultural and linguistic environment.

Translation using special software

The quality of translations of a company’s instructions (manuals) and catalogues determines your company’s international success. It is vital that translations are adequate and accurately conform to the original when each translated sentence conveys the idea of the original sentence very precisely.
Translations of poor quality may cause a reduction in sales, and if technical documentation is translated inappropriately, problems may follow. In order to avoid complicated situations, we will entrust translations to native-speaker translators. This is particularly important in the areas of mechanical technology engineering, medicine and pharmacology. In such cases, errors have serious consequences – you may lose large potential markets. By entrusting your translation to a qualified specialist you will not only avoid such consequences, but will also help the products marked with your trademark penetrate wider markets.